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Monday, 4C-Day 9 and 4D-Day 1

March 31, 2008

In Class: 4D Schedule : 1) 4C Binder Rubric Packet due.  2) Short Review to Prep for 4C Quiz.  3) Stamped 4C-Summary in Comp Book. 3) Took Unit 4C Quiz.

HW prep for Tuesday 4D-Day 2 on 4D Schedule. We will finish Day 2 in class.


Friday is 4C-Day 8, Part II

March 28, 2008

In Class: Unit 4C Shedule 1) Turned in R.N. 4D.3 and IM 4C.11 Buffers lab Report. 2) Finished catching-up on comp book stamping.  See list. 3)  4C Binder Rubric. Got 4D Schedule.

HW prep for Monday 4C-Day 9 on Unit 4C Shedule. Prep for 4C Quiz and 4C Binder Packet due.


Thursday, 4C-Day 8, Part I.

March 27, 2008

In Class: Unit 4C Shedule 1) Stamped IM 4C.11 Buffers Interpretation Section. 2) Finish notes/corrections on MM 4C.9 Worksheet. 3) Took 4C Lab Quiz with Buffer Lab Partner. 4) Got 4C Binder Rubric. Got 4D Schedule.

HW prep for Friday is 4C-Day 8, Part II on Unit 4C Shedule. 1) Do R.N. 4D.3. 2) Prep for 4C Quiz and 4C Binder Packet due Monday 4C-Day 9.


Wednesday is 4C-Day 7

March 26, 2008

In Class: Unit 4C Shedule 1) Stamped IM 4C.11 Buffers questions and went over “big time”. 2) After stamped SS Set II, did corrections using key. 3) Unit 3 PIAT on Bus Policy: groups. Do MD 4C.12 (one per group) and turn in.

HW prep for Thursday is 4C-Day 8 on Unit 4C Shedule. 4C Lab Quiz thurs on both Making Acid Rain and Buffers; and 4C Quiz and 4A Binder Packet due Monday.


Tuesday, 4C-Day 6 (finally!)

March 25, 2008

In Class: Unit 4C Shedule  1) Turned-in RN 4D.1.  2) Went over notes on 4C.4 thru 4C.10 and added to assignments. 3)  Stamped prelab and did IM 4C.11 Buffers.  Also, stamped data table.

HW prep for Wednesday is 4C-Day 7 on Unit 4C Shedule4C Lab Quiz thurs and 4C Quiz Friday.


Monday, 4C Day 5

March 24, 2008

Mr. D back from illness. In Class: Make sure all sub work from Wed, Th, Fri all done and in. (Fellowships/Dings at stake). Wed- MM 4C.9 Handout; Thurs- ChemMatters Magazine Article (Facts, Opinions, Subproblems) on “Re-breathers”; Fri-Napolean’s Wallpaper Video Handout. Do in class to avoid dings. If absent do Absentee Form and make-up today/tonight.

Homework due Tuesday, 4C-Day 6: 1) Work on 4C SS Set II due Wed. 2) do RN 4D.1 to not be too far behind. 3) IM 4C.11 Buffers Tues., 4C Lab Quiz Thurs, 4C Binder and 4C Quiz Friday.


Tuesday, 4C-Day 4

March 11, 2008

In Class: Unit 4C Shedule Stamped preparation hw and stamp rounds in compbook for DS 4C.5 and postlab Questions #1-7. Discussion on Lab, MD 4C.3, and 4C.4. Preventing Acid Rain.  Paste pH,pOH Relationship Diagram into compbook  for 4C.7.

HW prep for Wednesday is 4C-Day 5 on Unit 4C Shedule. Also, finish 4C-Day 1-4 and all of 4B. Interpretation for lab and Lab Report due.