6C/6D-Day 5

May 16, 2008

In Class: See 6C/6D Schedule. 1) Stamp Reading Guide for 6D.3. 2) Complete MM 6D.2 #1-5. (3 stamps). 3) Add notes on Nuclear Power Plants, Fission vs. Fusion. 4) Final Exam Study Guide for Unit 1-6 available to begin studying and preparing “fire insurance”. Senior final next Th/Fri, May 22/23.

Homework finish prep for 6C/6D-Day 6: See 6C/6D Schedule. 1) Do Reading Guide 6D Fission vs. Fusion. 2) Do Chemistry at Work p. 550-551 including questions #1-3. 3) Finish MM 6D.2 The Domino Effect Questions 1-5. 4) Unit 6C/6D Quiz Wednesday.


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