6C/6D-Day 3

May 14, 2008

In Class: See 6C/6D Schedule. 1) Stamp Day 3 prep if done. 2) Finish correction notes on DS 6C.7 Nuclear Bonbardment #1-3. Stamp. 3) Class Notes entry on P.E.T. Scans (p. 570) discuss illustration. 4) Use keys for corrections on DS 6C.7 and 6C SS Questions. Stamp corrections on both. 5) Final Exam Study Guide for Unit 1-6 available to begin studying and preparing “fire insurance”. Senior final next Th/Fri, May 22/23.

Homework finish prep for 6C/6D-Day 4: See 6C/6D Schedule. 1) RN 6D.1. 2) Start MM 6D.2.


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