Wednesday,**Nuclear Speaker Presentation**

May 7, 2008

In Class: 1) Copy Nuclear Presentation Note Guide into comp book. 2) Take notes on Navy Nuclear Presentation. 3) Stamp 6B.5 and 6B.6 Supp WS. 4) Use 6B.5_6B.6-KEY to do corrections on WS.

Homework prep for Thursday-Unit 6A/6B-Day 6: 1) After Presentation and completion of the notes guide, write a reflection based on the following prompts: a) What did I learn? and b) Describe specific connections to the concepts we’ve studied in Unit 6 and the rest of the course. 2) Complete Day 6 prep (see bottom of schedule) including Unit 6B SS Questions listed. 3) Finish all work on 6A/6B Schedule. 4) Prep for Unit 6A/6B Quiz and Unit 6A_6B Binder Rubric Thursday! 5) Week 15 Make-ups and Fellowships ASAP? 1-highlight item on printout; 2-attach item &/or note; 3-place in tray. 6) Sign and return Wk 15 Grade Printout after “fixed”.


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