Friday-Unit 6A/6B-Day 4, Part II

May 2, 2008

In Class: See 6A/6B Schedule. 1) Stamp SS Questions Part A (See bottom of 6A/6B Schedule). 2) Stamp 6A.7-A.8 Supplemental WS on Molar Mass Calculations showing all setups. 3) See 6A.7/6A.8 Supp WS KEY strips and correct for 2nd stamp.  4) Use and return 6A SS Key to do corrections for 2nd stamp.  5) Week 15 Grade Update Printout. Correction procedure is to highlight line item, attach proof and/or note, and place in tray.

Homework prep for Monday-Unit 6A/6B-Day 5: 1) RN 6B.1 and 6B.3.  Do MD 6B.2 in Comp Book. Previously done assigments are OK to “re-submit” or xerox copy or reference.  2) Complete Day 5 prep. 3) Work ahead on 6A/6B Schedule. 4) Week 15 Make-ups and Fellowships ASAP?  1-highlight item on printout; 2-attach item &/or note; 3-place in tray.  5) Sign and return Wk 15 Grade Printout after “fixed”.


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