Tuesday/Wednesday, STAR Prep. Unit 5

April 15, 2008

In Class: 1) Stamp RN p. 426-7 including DS 5A.9 and  RN 5B.1 including DS 5B.2. 2) Go over DS 5A.9 and Trends in Atomic Size, Electronegativity, and Ionization Energy.  3) Get Handout on AtomicTrends.  4) Go over DS 5B.2 and LeChatleir’s Principle, Dynamic Equilibrium, and stresses.  Get Unit 5B Star Review Handouts.

HW prep for Thursday/Friday, STAR Prep. Nuclear: 1)  Finish Analysis Rubric for all questions capable including Unit 5.  See STAR Chem Release Questions Website. and STAR Analysis Rubric 2) Finish Handouts.  3) Ready for Nuclear on Thurs/Fri


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