Tuesday, Unit 4 Exam (final prep)

April 8, 2008

In Class:See 4D Schedule : 1) Stamped Unit 4D Reviewsheet corrections. 2) Finished Unit 4 Reveiw Notes using resourses from whfreeman.com website. and Mr. D’s overhead notes on Reviewsheet #6 and #9 and Unit 4 Formulas. 3) Received Unit 4 Comp Book Rubric. Complete and turn in w/ Comp Book ASAP.  4) Turn in 4D Binder Rubric when finished w/ Exam.  5) Begin STAR Chemistry Test Prep w/ Questions Related to Unit 4: #24, 30-37, 39-44, 47-57, and 68-72. Mark on Scantron form.  Finish using Release Questions beginning on page 9 of pdf file at STAR Chem Release Questions Website

HW prep for Wednesday, Unit 4 Exam and STAR Prep. Most still need to take Unit 4 Exam, turn in 4D Binder, and Unit 4 Comp Book.


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