Monday, 4B-Day 7-Part I

March 3, 2008

In Class: (See 4B Schedule). Stamped HW. Also, 1) Finished CO2 Levels demo; added p.353 #4a-d. Discussed Kyoto Protocol. 2) Did SS corrections using 4B Section Summary Key. #14 answer: carbon dioxide and water in the atmosphere trap re-emitted Infrared radiation, keeping Earth’s temperature in a moderate range. 3) Stamped rounds (see list). 4) Worked on finishing DS 4B.12 #1-8 in groups.

HW prep for Tuesday, 4B-Day 7-Part II (See 4B Schedule Day 7) : 1) Finish Day 1-6. 2) MD 4B.13 in comp book. 3) Ready for4B lab and demo quiz on IM 4B.6 and 4B Demonstrations.

Wednesday is 4B-Day 8: Unit 4B Quiz, 4B Binder Packet, and Unit 4C Shedule.


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