Wednesday, 4B-Day 4

February 27, 2008

In Class: 1) Make sure prelab and data table ready for IM 4B.6 Specific Heat Capacity. 2) do lab w/ Shroedinger Partner (stamp 2nd Semester Partner Sheet spot). 3) Stamp Data Table and begin Data Analysis.

#1- Quantity of thermal energy absorbed by water (and releasd by metal) = (mass of water) x (highest temp in calorimeter-lowest) x 4.18 J/(g C).  1 ml water = 1 gram water.

#2-Specific heat of metal = Quantity energy released (your answer to #1) “OVER” mass of metal sample x (highest temp of metal-lowest).

HW prep for Thursday, 4B-Day 5 (See 4B Schedule) : 1) Finish Data Analysis and Questions for IM 4B.6. 2) RN 4B.7. 3) Do MD 4B.8 #1,2,3 only. 4) Catch-up on Day 1-4.


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