Tuesday, 4A-Day 10

February 19, 2008

In Class: 1) Turn in RN 4A.17 2) Label, Highlight Sections, Turn in IM 4A.10 Lab Report. 3) Take 4A Lab Quiz with partner.  4) Stamp Rounds:DS 4A.18; MM 4A.16 #3  everybody and #1,2,4, and 5 by row; and Class Notes on Gas Behavior and Molar Volume, and STP.  5) Continue to see DS 4A.9; 4A.12 Keys, and DS 4A.14; 4A SS Keys. Stamps on Wednesday.

HW prep for Wednesday, 4A-Day 10.5 (See 4A Schedule) : 1) RN 4A.19, DS 4A.20. 2) Day 1-10 Catch-up! Begin 4A Review. 3) 4A Quiz and 4A Binder Rubric due Thursday-Day 11.


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