Monday, 4A-Day 6

February 11, 2008

In Class: 1) Stamp prelab for IM 4A.10. Go over and do lab w/new partner. Record Temperature and Distance from Closed end of capillary tube. 3) Turn in Unit 3 Stamp Count from 1/7 to end of Unit 3 and Unit 3 Comp Book Rubric all of Unit 3. Have both verified by reliable student. 4) Work on DS 4A.9 Explaining Gas Behavior scenarios/KMT.

HW due Tuesday 4A-Day 6.5 (See 4A Schedule) : 1) Finish RN DS 4A.9. 2) Begin graph for IM 4A.10. 3) RN 4A.11. 4) Week 5 Catch-ups: Make-ups, Tornado/KMT Fellowships, 4A.5 thru 4A.9.


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