Tues./Wed. 4A-Day 3

February 5, 2008

In Class: 1) Stamp RN 4A.4. 2) Stamp postlab questions/answers for IM 4A.3 . Stamp DS 4A.5 tried in comp book. 4) Go over lab Q&A. Get notes!. 5) Go over Pressure, units, DS 4A.5 answers and #2 Calculation.

HW due Thursday 4A-Day 4 (See 4A Schedule) : 1) Finish IM 4A.3 Properties of Gases in comp book, including Interpretation. 2) Photocopy your lab report (1 per person). 3) Finish DS 4A.5 Pressure. 4) RN 4A.6, 4A.7. 5) Finish Unit 3 Comp Book organization for evaluation Friday. See Unit 3 Stamp Count and Unit 3 Comp Book Rubric.


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