Wednesday, 4A-Day 1

January 30, 2008

In Class: See 4A Schedule and New Absentee Form. 1) Stamp R.N. 4A.1.  2) Quick stamp comp book on Unit 3D Summary/Review Notes and DS 4A.2 Graphing Atmospheric Data. 3) Unit 3 Make-up Exams (60 m.c.)  4) 4A.1 Class Notes-Atmosphere draw and describe the air. 5) Work on PIAT and get Unit 3 PIAT Checklist/Resources . Unit 3 PIAT due on or before Monday, 2/4.

Homework: See 4A Schedule for 4A-Day 2. 1) Work on DS 4A.2 in comp book. 2) Prelab for IM 4A.3 by doing Title, Purpose/Intro, Materials, and Data Chart (Activity #, Predictions, Observations).  Do Activity predictions.  Bring an empty soda can.  3) Friday-work on Unit 3 group project; Monday-Unit 3 PIAT due and presented. See p. 210, p. 296, and Unit 3 PIAT Checklist/Resources .


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