Friday, 3D-Day 4.5

January 25, 2008

In Class: See 3D Schedule and New Absentee Form. 1) Turn in YOUR lab report of IM 3D.4 Biodiesel from YOUR comp book2) Take Lab Quiz on IM 3B.6 Combustion, IM 3C.4 The Builders, IM 3C.10 Condensation, and IM 3D.4 Biodiesel with partner and using comp books. 3) Stamp Interpretation for IM 3D.4 Biodiesel. 3) Groups finish MD 3D.5 #1-3 and MD 3D.7 Chart and turn in. 4) Use 3D SS Key to do corrections. 5) Unit 3 Exam Tuesday, 6) PIAT due on or before Monday, 2/4.

Homework: Prep for 3D-Day 4.75. 1) Finish Partner Sheet (Color Pics) w/ substitutes Severo, Gregory Wilkinson, and Maxine Singer for Mary Swift. 2) Prepare y and study for Unit 3 Exam Tuesday. Get Unit 3 Petroleum Concepts for review/paste into comp book. 3) Work on Project.


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