Tuesday, 3D-Day 2

January 22, 2008

In Class: See 3D Schedule and New Absentee Form. 1) Stamp 2nd Semester Partner Sheet. 2) Stamp IM 3D.4 Biodiesel prelab in Comp Book. 3) Get IM 3D.4 Biodiesel Procedure Modifications/Demostrate and do Part I. 4) Work in project groups on MD 3D.5 #1-3 and MD 3D.7 Chart. 5) Continue in groups on MD 3A.11, MD 3B.10 and MD 3C.9 for PIAT project due at end of Unit 3. 6) Begin SS Qs due Th.

Homework: 1)Prep for 3D-Day 3. 2) Finish/Modified Part II-Prelab IM 3D.4 Biodiesel. 2) MD 3D.5 # 1 if not yet. 3) RN 3D.6. 4) Finish Drawings for new 2nd Semester Partner Sheet. Fix typos: Severo Ochoa and Gregory Wilkinson.


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