Monday, 3C-Day 5

January 14, 2008

In Class: See Unit 3C Schedule. New Absentee Form. 1) Turn in and stamp SS Set II 3C.4 Worksheet. 2) Quickly stamp postlab questions #1-5 for IM 3C.8Condesation . 3) Add corrections and notes to 3C.4 Worksheet. Get from another ASAP. 4) Turn in Sutednt Questionairre from 1st Semester (5×7 Index Card) by Tues. 5) Get accurate Chart on Functional Groups into Comp Book.

Homework due both Unit 3B-Day 5 and 3C-Day 6: 1) Finish IM 3C.8 Condensation Questions and Interpretation.  2) See Unit 3B Schedule Day 5 Prep : do RN 3B.9 w/ CQ3.  Do 3B SS II.  3) Finish 3C SS II.  4) Unit 3B/3C Quiz on Wed. including all labs.  5) Start drawings for new 2nd Semester Partner Sheet but not due until next Tues.


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