Tuesday, Day 2-Unit 3C

January 8, 2008

In Class: Get Unit 3C Schedule. 1) Stamp R.N. 3C.3. 2) Stamp: MM 3C.2 Polymer Structures and Properties. Label and draw #1-6. 3) Go over/add notes/correct MM 3C.2 #1-6. Get 2nd Stamp. 4) Demonstrations/discussion of hair, spaghetti, water bag w/ pencils, and rubber bands to show elasticity, cross linking. 5) Start IM 3C.4 The Builders.

Homework due Unit 3C-Day 2.5: 1) IM 3C.4 (no pre-lab)Finish Procedure #1-19 writing step #, given info, and either answer or space for answer on Wed. in class. 2) RN 3C.5 only. 3) SSI due Thursday. 4) Fall Semester Grade Analysis (comment on each of the 6 grade areas: How’d you do and how did it affect your overall semester grade? Then have Parent sign (or you can.). Due Friday.

New to class? Welcome! Please go to the beginning of Unit 3 to see what content you are responsible for. You can also review this blog to see the assignments and download any documents. Make sure you get the following course documents:3A Schedule and Unit 3B Schedule, 2007 Syllabus Comp Book Guidelines Dings and Fellowships 2007 Absentee Fellowship Form Partner Sheet and the Unit 1/2 Review Objectives for Final Exam .


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