Friday, Unit 3B-Day 4 and Final Exam Review

December 7, 2007

In Class: See Unit 3B Schedule. 1) Stamp RN 3B.7; DS 3B.8, and complete SS Set I. 2) Turn in book code # (Textbook Inventory Slip) instead of textbook. 3) Use IM 3B.6 Combustion Postlab Guide to complete Data Analysis #1-6. 4) Begin final exam review notes in comp book. 5) Turn in individual business with grade printout.

HW due Monday, Unit 3B-Day 4: See Unit 3B Schedule. 1) Finish Data Analysis for lab, ready to report #5b. 3) Add corrections/notes using DS 3B.5; DS 3B.8, and SS Set I key. 3) Catch-up on Day 1-4. 4) Start prepping for final exam. Make “Fire Insurance” using Unit 1/2 Review Objectives for Final Exam and the course website practice quizzes at www.whfreeman.com/chemcom5e


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