Wednesday, Unit 3B-Day 1 and 2

December 5, 2007

In Class: See Unit 3B Schedule. 1) Stamp RN 3B.1 pp 237-241, CQ 1, and RN B.2. 3) Stamp DS B.3 on p. 242-3 in comp book. 3) Getback Unit 3A Binder Rubric and current grade printout. Make-up zeros!! 4) Class notes of Energy in Chemical Bonds, Potential Energy Diagram, and Car Energy Efficiency. 5) Turn in individual business with grade printout.

HW due Thursday, Unit 3B-Day 3: See Unit 3B Schedule. 1) RN 3B.4 and pp. 246-247.  2) DS 3B.5. 3) Do prelab for IM 3B.6 Combustion. 3) Continue Unit 1/2 Review Objectives for Final Exam.


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