Tuesday, Unit 3A-Day 7

December 4, 2007

In Class: See 3A Schedule. 1) Stamp Supp WS A.9 Isomers, WS A.6 Dot Structures , and Unit 3A Summary Journal Entry. 2) Finish using DS 3A.5, IM 3A.6, DS 3A.8, and IM 3A.9 Keys and DS 3A.10 and 3A SS Keys 3) Do corrections using 3A.6 Supp WS key and 3A.9 Supp WS key and get 2nd stamps. 4) Quick review of dot structures and branched alkanes. 5) Take 3A Quiz. 6) Turn in Unit 3A Binder Rubric.

HW due Wednesday, Unit 3B-Day 1 and 2: See Unit 3B Schedule. 1) RN 3B.1 pp 237-241 and CQ 1. 2) RN B.2. 3) DS B.3 on p. 242-3 in comp book. 3) Get Unit 1/2 Review Objectives for Final Exam.


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