Thursday, Unit 3A-Day 4

November 29, 2007

In Class: See 3A Schedule. 1) Stamped a)Interpretation for IM 3A.2. b) Prelab IM 3A.7– Title, andPurpose (w/vocab) ONLY. c) DS 3A.8 Graph and Questions, and d) DS 3A.5 corrections.  2) Finish Lecture Notes Entry on 3A.6 Atomic Structure and Covalent Bonding. 4) Do IM 3A.7 Modeling Alkanes in new project groups.  Procedure #1-5.

HW due Friday, Unit 3A-Day 5: 1) Photocopy  IM 3A.2 as your lab report. 2) Do IM 3A.7 Questions.  3) Prelab IM 3A.9-Read it, Title, andPurpose (w/vocab) ONLY. 4) Do DS 3A.10.  5) Video Fellowship @ Lunch Firday 12:45-1:08 and after school Friday. Possible showings at other times.


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