Tuesday, Unit 2D-Day 8

November 20, 2007

In Class: See 2D Schedule. 1) Get back Unit 2D Binder Rubric. 2) Turn in IM 2D.8 Write-up including plated object. 3) Work in groups on Unit 2 PIAT due Wed. See p. 108-9; p. 206-7; Unit 2 PIAT Rubric, Coin Calculations Help Sheet, and Unit 2 Piat Group Cover Sheet . Special Request: US Coin Info Sheet

HW due Wednesday, Unit2D-Day 9 : 1) Finish Unit 2 PIAT due Wednesday. Group Cover Sheet, 2-page typed rationale, MD’s, and coin model or drawing. 3) Work on finishing Unit 2 Comp Book. Stamp Count.


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