Wednesday, (Unit 2D-Day 4/5)

November 14, 2007

In Class: See 2D Schedule. 1) Stamped RN 2D.6 including CQ 3, and RN 2D.7 pennies to complete . 2) Gotback and did notes and corrections on Unit 2A Quiz (35) and 2C Quiz (30).  3) Also, got back IM 2D.5 Striking it Rich report.   4) Got back other lab reports. 5)  Got back 15 wk Progress printout.  Week 15 Business.

HW due Thursday, (Unit 2D-Day 4/5) See 2D Schedule: 1) Finish IM 2D.5 Striking it Rich report. 2) Prelab IM 2D.8 .  Bring object to plate.  3) Finish drawings for Partner Sheet by Unit 2 Exam Monday.


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