Friday, (Unit 2D-Day 3)

November 9, 2007

In Class: See 2D Schedule. 1) Stamp prelab for IM 2D.5 Striking it Rich, DS 2D.2, and RN 2D.3 if done. 2) GetbackRN 2D.1 and 2C Binder Packet. 3) Turn in Fall CompBook Stamp Counts for Unit 1 Stamp Count (already verified). 4) Do IM 2D.5 Striking it Rich with Meitner Partner. 5) Fellowship: Check Endangered Species – The Chemistry Set for a cool blog on cool old-school chemistry experiments! And write something about it. Submit.

HW due Tuesday, (Unit 2D-Day 2 out of order) See 2D Schedule: 1) Do IM 2C.11 Retrieving Copper Write-up. 2) Do RN 2D.3 and MD 2D.4 in comp book. 3) Postlab IM 2D.5 Striking it Rich. 4) Finish drawings for Partner Sheet.


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