Tuesday, (Unit 2C-Day 2.5)

October 30, 2007

In Class: 1) Stamp RN 2C.5 andR.N. 2C.7. 2) Stamp DS 2C.6 in comp book. 3) Get Worksheet Packet for extra help/some fellowsips/some mandatory. 4) Go over HW answers and Mole Concept. 5) Start DS 2C.8 in class. Mole Relationships.

HW due Wednesday, (Unit 2C-Day 3) See 2C Schedule : 1) Finish DS 2C.8 . 2) Do Worksheet on 2C.8. 3) Do RN 2C.9 and DS 2C.10. 4) Extra practice using worksheets for 2C.1 thru 2C.6.


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