Tuesday (Unit 2A-Day 7)

October 16, 2007

In Class: 1) Stamp Supplemental Worksheet for 2A.8, 2A.11 and Unit 2A Summary in comp book. 2) Do Problem Set II corrections using Problem Set II Key . Do corrections using A.8 WS Key and A.11 WS Key. 3) Stamp both corrections during quiz. 4) Go over graph trends, periodic trends using Melting Pt, Boiling Pt, # Oxygen Atoms, and # Chlorine Atoms vs. Atomic # Graphs. 5) Take Unit 2A Quiz (35 pts.). 6) Pick-up 2A Binder Rubric and Unit 2B Schedule.

Homework due Wednesday (Unit 2B-Day 1): SeeUnit 2B Schedule. 1) Do R.N. 2B.1. 2) Do 2A Binder Rubric. 3) If you have time, work on Partner Sheet drawings or labelling and/or coloring your periodic table for your comp book. Good luck on the PSAT!


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