Thursday (Unit 2A-Day 4)

October 11, 2007

In Class: 1) Stamp RN 2A.6;  Problem Set I: SS #1, 3, 7, 12, 29, 31; and completed Take a Science Walk. 2) Stamp and go over Q&A for IM 2A.5 Metal or Nonmetal?  Have Postlab discussion about dull outer coatings affecting appearance, reactivity, and conductivity as inherent sources of error, for Interpretation.  3)  Do Problem Set I corrections (see 2A Problem Set I Key). 4) Work on MD 2A.7 Grouping the Elements with = Rosalind Franklin Partner and another “couple”.  Paste result to butcher paper and label.

Homework due Friday (Unit 2A-Day 5): See Unit 2A Schedule. 1) Do RN 2A.8. (See Reading Notes Guidelines) 2) Do Interpretation for IM 2A.5 Metal or Nonmetal? 3) Finish Partner Sheet. drawings by Monday.


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