Wednesday (Unit 2A-Day 3)

October 10, 2007

In Class: 1) Stamp RN 2A.3, 2.A.4. AFTER viewing Reading Notes Guidelines, go over penny and elements. 2) Go over and Stamp prelab. 3) Do IM 2A.5 Metal or Nonmetal?. Stamp Completed Data Table. 4) Get Partner Sheet. Today’s partner = Rosalind Franklin Partner.

Homework due Thursday (Unit 2A-Day 4): See Unit 2A Schedule. 1) Do RN 2A.6. (See Reading Notes Guidelines) 2) Do postlab Q&A for IM 2A.5 Metal or Nonmetal? 3) Finish Problem Set I: SS #1, 3, 7, 12, 29, 31. 4) Finish Take a Science Walk.


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