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Friday (Unit 1D-Day 5)

September 28, 2007

In Class: 1) Stamp IM 1D.7 Water Softening interpretation and Water Treatment Plant Diagram in comp book. 2) Video Notes and Questions for Water Review Video. Get stamped. 3) Work in groups on MD 1C.14 . Be ready Tuesday to present Graphs and 2 important items from your analysis #3-7. Store info in labeled folder in class.

Homework due Monday (Unit 1D-Day 6): 1) Finish IM 1D.7 Water Softening lab report with collaboration evident. 2) Make a list of concepts to review or Unit Summary entry in comp book. 3) Unit 1 Exam Monday.  Use Comp Book, Binder, Text, ChemCom5e Website-Unit 1, and Unit 1 Practice Test .  4) Bring items (see schedule) for Unit 1D Binder Rubric.