Tuesday (Unit 1D-Day 2)

September 25, 2007

In Class: 1) Stamp RN 1D.4 and 1D.5 and RN 1D.7, 1D.8. 2) Turn in MD 1C.14 in group #1-7. 3) Get More Town Meeting Handouts: Sequence of Events and Scoring Guide. 4) Stamp and go over MD 1D.6 Bottled Water vs. Tap. 5) Preview IM 1D.7 Water Softening  6) Draw Water Treatment Facility diagram into comp book.

Homework due Wednesday (Unit 1D-Day 3): 1) Lab tomorrow! Do IM 1D.7 Prelab items. (See IM Guidelines). 2) SS #2, 8, 11, 13, 17, 18, 20, 24 due Thursday.


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