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Monday (Unit 1D-Day 1)

September 24, 2007

In Class: 1) Stamp RN p. 85-88.  2) Stamp and go over MD 1D.3 in comp book. 3) Work on MD 1C.14 p.79-81 Town Meeting Group Graphing Assignments. Line graphs for your variable(s) vs. time for 2.5 year historical data and Sept. 1-7 data 5) See Unit 1D Schedule. and make adjustments.

Homework due Tuesday (Unit 1D-Day 2): 1) MD 1C.14 in group #1-7  class discussion Tues. 2) RN 1D.4 and 1D.5.  3) Do MD 1D.6 in Comp Book.  3) RN 1D.7, 1D.8.