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Wednesday (Unit 1B-Day 8 and Unit 1C-Day 1)

September 5, 2007

In Class: 1) Turn in IM 1B.11 Water Testing report. See Investigation Guidelines. 2) Turn in Unit 1B Make-up work to top tray. 3) Finish stamping Day 7 corrections. 4) Turn in Comp Book for stamping of IM 1B.11 Questions and Interpretation; B.9 Searching for Paterns #6; DS B.10 Chart; and Classifying Matter handout w/ notes. 5) Take Unit 1B Quiz (30 pts in Test Category). 6) Get Unit 1C Schedule ; Unit 1B Binder Rubric and Packet (14 pts in HW/Classwork category); and Investigation Guidelines. 7) Bonus Fellowship Wed 3:30 or Th 3:30.

Homework due Thursday (Unit 1C-Day 2): 1) RN 1C.1 2) Do DS 1C.2 in Comp Book. Save “facing page” for Fig. 1.33 Handout. 3) Finish Annotation and Signed Course Syllabus, Dings and Fellowships. 3) Thursday Evening Back to School Night.