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Tuesday (Unit 1B-Day 7)

September 4, 2007

In Class: 1) Stamp HW: a) RN 1B.14, b) Problem Set II: SS#17, 18, 19, 23, 24, and 32; and c) B.10 Formula Writing Worksheet. 2) Label and turn in Element Square and Rubric. 3) Group begin MD 1B.13 #2, 3, 4. 4) Do HW corrections using B.10 Worksheet Key and 1B Problem Set II Key and go over HW to review for Unit 1B Quiz. 5) Explained Absentee Fellowship Form. 6) Begin stamping IM 1B.11 Water Testing Questions and Interpretation.

Homework due Wednesday (Unit 1B-Day 8/Unit 1C-Day 1): 1) IM 1B.11 Water Testing lab report. See Investigation Guidelines. 2) Prep for Unit 1B Quiz. Use all resources. See 3) Bring all Unit 1A and 1B looseleaf assignments. Unit 1B Binder Rubric and Unit 1B Binder Rubric. 4) Finish Unit 1B Make-up work.

Homework due Thursday (Unit 1C-Day 2): 1) Unit 1C Schedule Day 1 HW. 2) Annotation and Signed Course Syllabus, Dings and Fellowships. 3) Thursday Evening Back to School Night.