Thursday (Unit 1B-Day 5)

August 30, 2007

In Class: 1) Stamp DS 1B.10 corrected and in Comp Book. 2) Go over Prelab= Title, Purpose, Materials, #’d Procedure, and Data Tables ready. (4 Data Tables w/5 rows each) and do  IM 1B.11 Water Testing. . Labeled diagrams for the apparatus in the materials section and procedure steps #’d and written in your own words OR list the materials and then illustrate the #’d steps in the procedure.  3) Finish Element Square Sign-up. 4) Stamp IM 1B.11 Water Testing. complete Data Tables.

Homework due Friday (Unit 1B-Day 6): 1) Do IM 1B.11 Water Testing Postlab Questions #1-4.  2) Finish WS 1B.9 #6   3) Download and try B.10 Formula Writing Worksheet. 4) RN 1B.12.  5) Element Square due Tuesday. 1pt Bonus if by Friday.


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